Alexander Oblivion

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The Oblivion is our exploration of what exists in the darkest corners of the sonic universe. Tread lightly. Or for more fun — don't. 


Delay Modes:

Analog - This mode evokes the warm and murky depths of the classic bucket brigade echo units. These early solid-state memory devices were far more compact and efficient than magnetic tape storage but required high frequency filtering to eliminate their characteristic clock noise.  Adjust the Tone control to achieve classic "chirpy" echo or a washed-out ambient delay.  The modulation effect adds an analog chorus effect.

Tape - magnetic bliss lives here.  This mode recalls the earliest echo units, powered by "newfangled" magnetic tape.  Tape technology advanced by leaps and bounds following WWII, and thanks to the efforts of Ray Butts and Les Paul it became an integral part of rock and roll. The Tone control adjusts the fidelity of the tape path.  Try this mode with a slow ramp modulation to simulate a worn tape mechanism.

Oilcan - this mode is based on the electrostatic delay line effects introduced during the 1960s.  These bizarre units utilized a rotating disc bathed in a lubricating fluid to store an electrical charge.  Dirty, dark, and more than a little watery, the Oilcan unit is an essential part of the vintage echo experience.  The Tone control adjust the age of the fluid in the drum, with higher settings yielding a darker and more distorted tone.

Multi - the final mode in our journey is quite enchanting.  The magical and elusive multi-head delay allows the player to select various combinations of its four playback heads, creating exquisite patterns that spiral into chaos.  In this mode, modulation is disabled and the Depth knob controls the pattern selection.